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Medium-Voltage (MV) ATR Switchgears 12kV 630A 20kA

Gipuzkoa (Spain)

The project has seen the design, implementation and supply of medium-voltage switchgears for the city of Gipuzkoa, in Basque Country.

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N. 12 Skid transformation cabins for photovoltaic system

Trévago (Spain)

N. 12 transformation cabins STC-Skid 6MVA 30/0,8-0,8kV for a photovoltaic system in Spain.

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Retrofit of MV Circuit-breakers 1250A / 2500A / 4000A

Best (Holland)

The retrofit project of medium-voltage (MV) circuit-breakers was addressed to n. 12 primary distribution plants and run by one of the leading companies in the electricity distribution field in the south of the Netherlands.

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N. 2 MV E-House 24kV and 36kV for photovoltaic plant

Assemini, Loc. Macchiareddu (Italy)

The project was carried out in an electrical substation for the delivery of high voltage (HV) power, situated inside a photovoltaic plant, in one of the most important industrial centres of the southern Sardinia.

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Medium-Voltage (MV) Switchgears 24kV 2000A 16kA for Photovoltaic plants

Montalto di Castro (Italy)

The project was carried out in Montalto di Castro, in Viterbo, a well-known location as one of the largest solar photovoltaic plant in Italy.

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Retrofit of Medium-Voltage (MV) Circuit Breakers

Dalmine, BG (Italy)

Design and implementation of medium-voltage circuit-breakers, HD4-RG and HD4-MG models for the retrofit of the medium-voltage switchgears.

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Retrofit of Medium-voltage (MV) circuit-breakers 800A

Dalmine - Bergamo (Italy)

For the realization of the project, the engineering hub has applied a reverse engineering study, starting from the existing plant, to develop an operational and suitable product.

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HV Substation 132kV

Adria, Loc. Smergoncino (Italy)

The project, result of an important partnership, is addressed to a historical industrial company located in Smergoncino, in Rovigo area. The long-lasting know-how gained in the high-voltage field has made it possible to increase the plant power supply.

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Electrical installation works for industrial plant

Pieve Vergonte (Italy)

The project has included the works to expand the high-voltage (HV) electrical substation serving the Hydrochem Srl plant in Pieve Vergonte (Piedmont).

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Calcinate (Italy)

Maintenance plan at Gewiss headquarters in Calcinate (Bergamo). Specifically, it is a lighting efficiency intervention outside the plant.

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MV E-House 20kV for photovoltaic plant

Cipollaretta (Italy)

Design and construction of an E-House, for the Alzo electrical substation, carried out by our Sister Company C.R. Project Service. It is connected to the largest photovoltaic system in the Viterbo area and occupies 101 hectares in the Cipollaretta area.

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N. 4 Transformation cabins for photovoltaic systems 3.15MW

Pontinia and Montalto (Italy)

Design, construction and commissioning of plug-in compact substations STC-Kiosk for 3.15MW photovoltaic systems in Pontinia and Montalto (Latina).

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MV E-House 24kV for photovoltaic plant

Trecate (Italy)

Tailor-made project for the implementation of electrical equipment interconnected to the new photovoltaic system in Trecate (Novara), committed to us by a large company in the oil & gas field, which will provide green energy to a refinery plant.

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N. 2 MV E-Houses for the most powerful turbine in Europe

Marghera Levante (Italy)

The challenging project has included the design, construction, and commissioning of n. 2 e-Houses for the port area of ​​Marghera Levante (Venice).

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MV/LV Cement transformation cabin 15/0.8kV for photovoltaic system

Cuneo (Italy)

We have carried out an STC-Kiosk transformation cabin, destined for a photovoltaic system in the province of Cuneo, in Piedmont.

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N. 3 MV/LV Transformation cabins for photovoltaic systems

Pontinia and Scoppito (Italy)

We have designed, constructed and supply our compact substations STC-Kiosk which power two photovoltaic plants in Pontinia and Scoppito (Italy).

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MV E-House 36kV for photovoltaic system

Macchiareddu, Cagliari (Sardinia)

Plug-in electrical substation, connected to a large photovoltaic system in the industrial district of Macchiareddu (Sardinia), for the implementation of the electrical grid.

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Viterbo (Italy)

Design, manufacturing and supply of nr. 4 modular and plug-in Solar Stations, STC-Kiosk, for the photovoltaic system in Viterbo, Italy.

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STC-Skid transformation cabins 20kV

Rovigo (Italy)

The project consists of n. 6 STC-Skid transformation cabins 7.2MW addressed to a photovoltaic system in Rovigo (Italy).

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N. 2 Transformation cabins and n. 2 switching stations for PV greenhouses

Oristano (Italy)

The project includes the design, manufacturing, and supply of n. 2 Transformation Cabins STC-Box and n. 2 Delivery Cabins for two photovoltaic greenhouse plants, in Oristano (Sardinia).

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STC-Skid transformation cabins 4,8MVA

Padua (Italy)

Design, manufacturing and commissioning of plug-in Skid transformation cabins destined for a photovoltaic plant in the beautiful location of Monselice (Padua).

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Skid transformation cabin 36kV 4.4MVA

Trino Vercellese (Italy)

We have designed, manufactured and carried out the commissioning of STC-Skid transformer substations destined for the Trino Vercellese photovoltaic plant.

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EHouse and n. 4 transformation cabins for Photovoltaic plant

Macchiareddu (Italy)

Project realised in Macchiareddu, within a photovoltaic park in Sardinia in one of the most important industrial hubs. This is an area of development increasingly powered by alternative energy, where CR Technology Systems has already been present for some years in the realisation of green projects in the area.

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Arlena di Castro (Italy)

Design, construction and commissioning of the compact substation STC-Box addressed to the photovoltaic plant in Arlena di Castro (Viterbo), studied to deliver sustainable energy and pave the way towards a greener future.

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We have designed and manufactured a 1600kVA STC-Kiosk transformer cabin

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Photovoltaic 86.16 MWp

Monreale (Italy)

Project for the photovoltaic plant in Monreale (Palermo), with a capacity of 86.16 MWp.

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HV/MV Substation 115/6.3kV 4.7MVA

Shpellë (Albania)

Construction of the electrical system of a hydroelectric plant in Shpellë. Hydroelectric energy is based on the conversion of natural water flow into electricity and is classified as renewable energy because it is generated by exploiting the kinetic force given by the natural water cycle.

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HV/MV Mobile Substation 110/20kV 40MVA

Fushë-Krujë (Albania)

Development and supply of a mobile substation 110/20kV for transformation and primary distribution 40MVA, carried out in the geographical area of Fushë-Krujës. It involves the supply of electricity for the benefit of a population of over 40,000 inhabitants.

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MV/MV Mobile Substations 35/10.5/6.3kV 7.5MVA

Fushë Krujë, Fier (Albania)

The project includes the supply of two mobile substations in the south of Albania, Fushë Krujë and Fier, where the Government has invested a large amount of money in order to increase the supply of the electrical grid.

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HV/MV Mobile substation 115/37.5/10.5kV 10MVA

Udënisht, Korçë (Albania)

The project has included design, installation and supply of a mobile substation in Udënisht, a well-known touristic area, in Korçë, and the sixth most important town in Albania.

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N.2 HV/MV Substations 110/7.3kV 8MVA

Çemericë, Korçë (Albania)

The project has seen the implementation of 2 high-voltage to medium-voltage electrical substations in Çemericë and Korçë.

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N. 4 Power Transformers 40.7MVA in total

Tiranë (Albania)

The project has been carried out in Albania, in collaboration with the local company OSHEE.

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MV E-House 35/20/10kV for industrial district

Peshkopi (Dibër) - Albania

Design, construction and supply of a medium-voltage (MV) compact substation in Peshkopi, industrial area of the Albanian city Dibër.

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HV Substation 35/110kV 15MVA

Tirana (Albania)

The project has included the construction of an electrical substation in Albania.

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HV/MV Substation 110/20kV 25MVA

Durrës (Albania)

Design, construction, installation and commissioning of electrical equipment for the high-voltage to medium-voltage substation HV/MV, connected to a hydro power plant.

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Medium-Voltage (MV) Normal Clad Switchgears 7,2kV 630A 20kA (3s)

Donetsk (Ukraine)

The project has involved the implementation of Normal Clad switchgears, addressed to an important industrial, steel and chemical hub in the city of Donetsk.

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Protection panels for Electrical Substation

Croydon (United Kingdom)

The project, carried out in the city of Croydon, a metropolitan center located in south of London, has included the supply of two protection and control panels, the materials and accessories needed for the putting into service. Everything was addressed to an electrical substation 34.5kV 24Vdc with a frequency of 60Hz.

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Supply of Electrical material for Medium-Voltage (MV) Switchgears

Baia-Mare (Romania)

The project has been addressed to Baia-Mare, a city located in northern Romania and it has included the implementation and supply of material for medium-voltage (MV) switchgears.

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Manchester (United Kingdom)

Retrofit project involving a complete study of reverse engineering on medium-voltage electrical circuit-breakers 12kV 800A 40kA, VD4 model, addressed to a cement factory in Manchester, UK.

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MV E-House 20kV for Tesla Battery Energy Storage System

West Sussex (United Kingdom)

Engineering study, design, construction, and supply of n. 1 compact substation STC-Box for a Tesla project in West Sussex (UK).

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MV Normal Clad switchgears for steelwork plant

Hatay (Turkey)

N. 2 air-insulated (AIS) medium-voltage (MV) Normal Clad electrical switchgears (14 cubicles) 12kV 1250A 31.5kA (25kA arc-resistant) equipped with a gas outlet duct, relays, VA VT, and circuit-breakers. The project, commissioned by our Swiss client, is addressed to a steelwork plant in Turkey.

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MV E-House 17.5kV for floating solar plant

Alqueva (Portugal)

Study, design, and construction of an IP54 2×2.5MVA E-House, STC-Box, destined for the floating solar system in Alqueva, Portugal.

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N.2 MV E-House 33kV 50MVA for Tesla Battery Energy Storage System

Yorkshire (United Kingdom)

Design, construction and supply of n. 2 switching stations equipped with power transformers, MV air-insulated ATR switchgear 36kV 1250A 20kA (1s), LV switchboards, and a SCADA system for the remote control, destined to Tesla BESS (Battery Energy Storage System).

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N. 2 MV E-Houses 33KV 25MVA and 50MVA for BESS

Hawkers Hill, Skelmersdale (United Kingdom)

Design, construction and supply of n. 2 Switching stations 33kV 25MVA and 33kV 50MVA, STC-Box, destined for the Hawkers Hill and Skelmersdale areas, in the UK.

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Pillswood (United Kingdom)

The project includes the deisgn, manufacturing and supply of nr. 2 E-Houses 33kV, equipped with ATR switchgear 36kV 1250A 20kA(1s) for Pillswood BESS plants 100MW.

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Luton (United Kingdom)

The project consists in the design, manufacturing, and commissioning of an eHouse in the Chapel farm plant 49,5MW/99MWh near Luton (UK), connected to the Tesla Battery Energy Storage System (BESS).

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Bucharest (Romania)

Design, manufactoring and commissioning of n. 3 STC-Skid plug-in substations for a photovoltaic system in Romania.

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Surrey (United Kingdom)

Design, manufacturing and commissioning of Switching station STC-Box 33kV 20MVA, designed for the BESS plant 20 MW/40 MWh in Farnham, Surrey (UK).

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We are currently engaged in a new project, involving the construction of two MV Switching stations for an upcoming Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) initiative. These stations will be situated in Severalles Farm, Ilmer, Princess Risborough, UK, supplying 100MWh as storage capacity.

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eHouse 12kV for hydrogen system

United Kingdom

We have designed, constructed and supplied a compact eHouse solution, fully equipped with cutting-edge medium-voltage (MV) electrical switchgear and tailored to meet the specific requirements of the client.

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E-Houses for BESS 100MW and 50MW-200MWh

Lakeside (UK) and Belgium

eHouse addressed to Tesla BESS plants 100 MW in Lakeside and 50MW-200MWh for Eneco, in Belgium.