N. 2 Transformation cabins and n. 2 switching stations for PV greenhouses

Oristano (Italy)


The project includes the design, manufacturing, and supply of n. 2 Transformation Cabins STC-Box and n. 2 Delivery Cabins for two photovoltaic greenhouse plants, in Oristano (Sardinia).

It is the first ginger plantation in Italy and, as a result of its characteristics, it is convenient to create a photovoltaic greenhouse for its energy supply.
The E-Houses are equipped with state-of-the-art medium-voltage switchgear ATR-Ring 24kV 630A 16kA, low-voltage switchboard Euro PC, transformer 1000MVA, UPS, HVAC system, and auxiliary equipment, these cabins are the perfect plug-in solution for energy transformation or delivery.

For more info about how photovoltaic greenhouses are changing the concept of PV systems, read the article: https://bit.ly/Photovoltaic_greenhouses

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