HV/MV Mobile substation 115/37.5/10.5kV 10MVA

Udënisht, Korçë (Albania)


The project has included design, installation and supply of a mobile substation in Udënisht, a well-known touristic area, in Korçë, and the sixth most important town in Albania.

The mobile substation 115/37,5/10,5kV 10MVA is made up of two semi-trailers.
On the first one had been installed: voltage-transformer and the high-voltage (HV) hybrid-system, circuit breaker, surge arresters, disconnectors and a power transformer.
On the second trailer had been installed a shelter with medium-voltage (MV) switchgears, battery system with AC/DC distribution panel, protection and distribution panel, marshalling box, SCADA and unwinder.
This solution compensates for the lack of electricity during the summertime, subject to high rate of tourism flow.

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