Corporate governance


The Italian Legislative Decree 8 June 2001 n. 231 has introduced a system for regulating the liability for administrative offenses of entities, concerning crimes committed by directors, managers and/or employees in the interest, or for the benefit of, the entities themselves.


C.R. Technology Systems has adopted the Model pursuant to the ex Legislative Decree 231/01 aimed at establishing criteria, rules, indications and measures in compliance with the current legislation to be applied and respected in the organization, management and control of the Company and its activities; this in order to promote and ensure a culture of legality and lawfulness within the Company itself and to effectively prevent the commission of the offenses provided for by the Decree.


The Board of Directors of C.R. Technology Systems has appointed, pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001, its own Supervisory Body composed of two professionals external to the Company – Dr. Roberto Galdino and the lawyer Enza Maria Gravagna.
The term of office of the Supervisory Body is 3 years and its mandate will cease in March 2024.

Its duties are:

  • monitor compliance with the provisions of the Code of Ethics, of the Organizational Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001, and those of the Law of 30 November 2017, n. 179 – provisions on Whistleblowing
  • verify the effectiveness of the procedures of the Organizational Model
  • assess the need for any updates to the Code of Ethics and the Organizational Model

Reports of violation of the Code of Ethics and the Organizational Model can be sent to the Supervisory Body of C.R. Technology Systems S.p.A. (in accordance with the Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001 and the law on Whistleblowing) using this e-mail: