We found 12 projects of Africa

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36kV Modular Shelters

Bordj Omar Drisse, El Goléa, Talmine, Tindouf, Djanet, Timiaouine (Algeria)

This project was carried out in Algeria and localised in six sites. It consists of modular shelters, which are sized and structured in order to withstand the severe desert conditions.

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Renewable for Africa – Ivory Coast

Abidjan (Ivory Coast)

The project was carried out thanks to the donation offered to the government of the Ivory Coast, to provide power to a photovoltaic system, used for the extraction and purification of groundwater.

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Compact Substation STC-Kiosk 36kV 630A 16kA

Kinshasa (Congo)

The project has included the installation of a prefabricated compact substation for the electrification of Congolese rural areas.

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Medium-Voltage (MV) ATR Switchgears 36kV 630A 12,5kVA

Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

The project has been carried out in Addis Abeba and consists of engineering, construction and supply of n. 2 medium-voltage ATR switchgear cubicles 36kV 630A 12,5kVA for industrial applications.

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Lighting system

Capo Bon, Korba, Sbikha, Sbeitla e Feriana di Scogat (Tunisia)

The project has included the dismantling of old lighting fixtures and the installation of more technological lamps, aimed at optimizing the lighting system in the areas of Capo Bon, Korba, Sbikha, Sbeitla and Feriana of Scogat, in Tunisia.

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Compact STC-Box and Medium-Voltage (MV) Switchgears

Tripoli (Libya)

The project has included the design and construction of n. 3 compact STC-Box substations, aiming to increase electrification in Libya.

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SCADA System for the Control and Management of the Plant

Zarzouna (Tunisia)

The project, destined for the city of Zarzouna, in the Tunisian province of Biserta, has seen the supply and implementation of technological remote control and management devices. The system consists of various measuring and management devices that interface with the SCADA system for a generator plant.

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Supply of Electrical Materials for a Photovoltaic Plant

Areza (Eritrea)

The project has been implemented in Areza, a rural area in the south of Eritrea, aimed to supply electrical material for a photovoltaic plant.

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Supply of equipment for Electrical Plant

Cairo (Egypt)

The project was addressed to the Egyptian capital Cairo and it has seen the supply of electrical equipment and cables for the expansion of an electrical system.

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Solar energy for rural communities in Zanzan

Zamou, Solokaye, Kapé, Kromambira, Boudou, Kakpin, Gansé (Ivory Coast)

The project aimed to improve the electrification plan in 7 African villages located in Zanzan region, through the micro-generation based on solar energy.

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Nafoora (Lybia)

The project includes the design, construction, and commissioning of a compact and modular substation STC-Box and it is addressed to an oil plant in Nafoora, Sirte Bay, in Lybia.

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Sirte Bay (Libya)

Extension of the electrical substation serving the oil plant in Nafoora, at Sirte Bay. The project involves the design, construction, and supply of 34.5kV, 4.16kV and 480V compact and modular plug-in substations.