Our sustainability

“The world is a beautiful place to live and it’s worth fighting for” Ernest Hemingway

Sustainability and innovation are among the main values of our company, and they are closely connected as sustainability cannot be implemented without innovation and innovation cannot be a driver of development unless it is supported by sustainability.


In line with more sustainable growth, we decided to adopt 4 of the 17 Sustainable Developments Goals.

These goals became an integral part of our strategy, and they resulted in several projects, including the three dimensions of sustainability: social/ethical, environmental and economical.

Social / Ethical
– Continuous training
– Corporate welfare 
– Charity projects

– Study of eco-friendly materials 
– Local supply chain
– Glocal

– Plastic Free project
– Headquarter with photovoltaic plant and domotic system


Starting from this idea of sustainability, we have developed the concept of strat-energy, intended as a virtual box in which technological solutions and sustainable projects converge.

This allows our company to make the difference through an authentic, transparent and collaborative approach.