E-Houses for BESS 100MW and 50MW-200MWh

Lakeside (UK) and Belgium


eHouse addressed to Tesla BESS plants 100 MW in Lakeside and 50MW-200MWh for Eneco, in Belgium.

Technical features: N. 3 eHouses 33kV STC-Box, each equipped with ATR 36kV 1250A 25kA(1s) protection panels, HVAC system, fire detection system, LV switchboard, UPS panel, patch panel, SCADA system.
Special Features upon the request of the client include:

  • 4G antenna
  • Weather station and GPS
  • SWICOM systems: Monitors breaker drive, temperatures in critical points on primary circuit and partial discharge using an indicator
  • Roxtec Gland Plate
  • PDcom: Partial Discharge Monitoring for switchgears
  • System pro M compact® InSite: smart contacts for low voltage devices

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