Circuit breakers Retrofitting 1250A / 2500A / 4000A

Holland (The Netherlands)


The retrofit project of medium-voltage (MV) circuit-breakers was addressed to 12 primary distribution plants and run by one of the leading companies in the electricity distribution field in the south of the Netherlands.

The retrofit solution consists of applying improvements and technological changes to the products, thus extending their life cycle. It reduces the production of polluting material, guaranteeing economic and environmental savings. The retrofit process is based on a sophisticated approach of reverse engineering, which consists of creating a new component integrated into the existing plant. Nr. 384 new automatic switches have been installed, technologically updated and equipped with 1250A, 2500A and 4000A vacuum switches, replacing those currently in use. The circuit-breakers have been mounted on special carriages, in order to allow connection with the electrical panels and the interface with the pre-existing blocks and control systems. The carriages are of four different types with the following technical characteristics:

  • carriages for arrivals 12kV 1250A line 31.5kA
  • carriages for 12kV 1250A 40kA line departures
  • carriages for arrivals 12kV 2800A 31.5kA line
  • carriages for 12kV 4000A 40kA line departures

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