N. 2 MV E-Houses 33KV 25MVA and 50MVA for BESS

Hawkers Hill, Skelmersdale (United Kingdom)


Design, construction and supply of n. 2 Switching stations 33kV 25MVA and 33kV 50MVA, STC-Box, destined for the Hawkers Hill and Skelmersdale areas, in the UK.

The e-houses will connect Tesla Megapack to the national grid. Each substation is equipped with the following:

  • Air-insulated MV switchgear ATR 36kV 630A 20kA(x1’) for Hawkers Hill, and 36kV 1250A 20kA(x1’) for Skelmersdale
  • LV switchboard Euro SDS
  • SCADA system and UPS
  • Auxiliary equipment

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N.2 MV E-House 33kV 50MVA for Tesla Battery Energy Storage System

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Design, construction and supply of n. 2 switching stations equipped with power transformers, MV air-insulated ATR switchgear 36kV 1250A 20kA (1s), LV switchboards, and a SCADA system for the remote control, destined to Tesla BESS (Battery Energy Storage System).