About us

Our approach

Being able to create efficient and innovative products is essential for any company that wants to face current competitive business challenges.

We meet this requirement and coupled with our know-how, the value that has distinguished us in almost 35 years of activity, is our ability to listen to both the market and the environment in which we operate (territory and people).

Our real success is knowing how to mix technical expertise with our listening attitude, which allows us to process the input received and carry out tailor-made international projects. This is also reflected on the territories where we build the plants (that are often developing areas in which we facilitate access and usability to energy), and in which we operate, implementing good environmental practices and supporting socio-cultural initiatives.

For our people, the term employees is too tight, it is of utmost importance to guarantee safety and well-being in the workplace in a smart and eco-sustainable environment.

We are a team that offers to the customers our experience, passion and curiosity aimed at designing and fielding innovative electrical systems. Our goal is to provide a solution that simplifies the operation of the plant and results in an overall saving of resources.

Comparison, analysis, shared choices and training lead to knowledge, generating professional trust between us and the customer, ensuring an innovative and reliable result.

Riccardo Rovelli
Managing Director

About us

We work in the energy sector since 1985, and we are over 70 employees among the Treviglio headquarters, the commercial headquarters in Viterbo, and the branches in Tunisia, Cuba and Ivory Coast. 

In recent years we have invested in study and research, led by our INNOVATION ENGINEERING HUB, to provide turn-key and tailor-made products and solutions, for the production, transformation, and distribution of energy. This has allowed us to gain a long experience to enter and face international markets such as South America, Africa, the Middle East and Europe, with local project management, thanks to the presence of qualified personnel on-site.

Our offer is divided into the following products and solutions:

Switchgear MV AIS – ATR
Switchgear MV GIS – ATR Ring
Switchgear MV AIS – Normal Clad
High-Voltage Electrical Substation
ISO Container
Mobile Substation
Public Lighting
Retrofit Solution
SCADA Solution
STC – Box
STC – Kiosk

We have recently expanded our skills with the acquisition of a company, recognized at a national level for its expertise in service and maintenance, and for its high specialization in plant engineering, technology, electricity and plumbing. This integration allows us to present ourselves as the only interlocutor for complex, articulated and integrated projects, from study to maintenance.

This expansion has also strengthened our reputation at the local level, allowing us to be chosen for a project with a high social and territorial impact, such as the maintenance of the Covid-19 field hospital in Bergamo, starting from March 2020.

Identity and values

“To talk about the future is useful only if it leads to action now”

Connection and development are the mindset that has always inspired our company.

We connect people and resources, and develop technological values through innovative solutions, to pursue our growth we look forward, keeping listening to customer needs and understanding market trends to be ready for tomorrow.


To enable energy access, through technologically advanced projects: it is our comet, the reason that inspires our company and shows the path to follow.


Supporting our customers by offering the best solution on the market, both in technological and economic terms: it is the essence of our DNA that daily motivates and defines our actions and decisions.


Our values are our roots and motivations, the road map that plans our journey.

PIONEERISM: since 1985, we work in developing countries
QUALITY: we offer high-performance products and solutions
INNOVATION: we design and adopt advanced technologies
ENGINEERING KNOW-HOW: we have an Innovation Engineering Hub focused on R&D
SUSTAINABILITY: we have implemented 4 of 17 SDGs in line with our #GreenAttitude

History line

Establishment of the trading company in Rome, Italy

Opening of the first operating headquarters in La Habana, Cuba

Starting engineering hub

New opening sales and manufacturing headquarters in Milan area

Inauguration of the sales branch in Tunisia, Lybia, Ivory Coast

Opening new headquarters and manufacturing in Treviglio, Bergamo Area

New renewables solution

Modernization, construction & maintenance