Arezzo (Italy)


We have designed and manufactured a 1600kVA STC-Kiosk transformer cabin

The Ehouse is equipped with:

  • MV electrical switchgear 24kV 630A 16kA
  • LV Power Center panel 400V 2500Amp 36kA*1sec 50Hz
  • Critical loads auxiliary service panel powered by rectifier group + 110Vdc 6.6kW batteries
  • Dry-type transformer (with attached extractors and tangential fans) 15/0.4 kV 1600kVA
  • HVAC system for managing air conditioning & humidity inside the cabin, MT & BT compartments

This major intervention will have a significant impact at the local level and will bring numerous improvements in the treatment of wastewater from surrounding homes and industries, as well as in the management of sludge and odors emitted by the plant. Our transformer cabin, connected to a photovoltaic system, plays a crucial role in ensuring reliable power supply to the entire plant. We are pleased to participate in this important project for the Arezzo community and the environment.

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