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Medium-Voltage ATR Switchgears 12kV 630A 20kA

Gipuzcoa (Spain)

The project has seen the design, implementation and supply of medium-voltage switchgears for the city of Gipuzkoa, in Basque Country.

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Circuit breakers Retrofitting 1250A / 2500A / 4000A

Holland (The Netherlands)

The retrofit project of medium-voltage (MV) circuit-breakers was addressed to 12 primary distribution plants and run by one of the leading companies in the electricity distribution field in the south of the Netherlands.

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Modular Shelter for Electrical Substation 150/20kV

Assemini, Loc. Macchiareddu (Italy)

Project carried out in a substation for delivery of high voltage (HV) power inside a photovoltaic plant in one of the most important industrial centre of the southern Sardinia.

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Medium-Voltage (MV) Switchgears 24kV 2000A 16kA for Photovoltaic Parks

Montalto di Castro (Italy)

The project was carried out in Montalto di Castro, in Viterbo, it is a location well-known as one of the largest solar photovoltaic power plant in Italy.

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Retrofit of Medium-Voltage (MV) Circuit Breakers

Dalmine, BG (Italy)

Design and implementation of medium-voltage circuit-breakers, HD4-RG and HD4-MG models for the retrofit of the medium-voltage switchgears.

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High-Voltage (HV) Electrical Substation 132kV in Cartiere del Polesine

Adria, Loc. Smergoncino (Italia)

The project, result of an important partnership, is addressed to a historical industrial company located in Smergoncino, in Rovigo area. The long-lasting know-how gained in the high voltage field has made it possible to increase the plant power supply.

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Electrical Substation 4,7MVA 110/6,3kV and Medium-Voltage (MV) Switchgears ATR 12kV 630A 16kA for Hydroelectric Plant

Shpellë (Albania)

The project has implemented the electrical system of a Shpellë hydroelectric plant in Shpellë. Hydroelectric energy is based on the conversion of natural water flow into electricity and is classified as renewable energy because it is generated by exploiting the kinetic force given by the natural water cycle.

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High-Voltage Mobile Substation 110/20kV 40MVA

Fushë-Krujë (Albania)

Development and supply of a mobile substation 110/20kV for transformation and primary distribution 40MVA, carried out in the geographical area of Fushë-Krujës. It involves the supply of electricity for the benefit of a population of over 40,000 inhabitants.

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Nr. 2 Mobile Substations 7,5MVA 35/10,5/6,3kV and 630kVA 20/10/0,4kV

Fushë Krujë and Fier (Albania)

The projectincludes the supply of two mobile substations in the south of Albania, Fushë Krujë and Fier, where the Government has invested a huge amount of money in order to increase the supply of electrical grid.

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Mobile Substation 115/37,5/10,5kV 10MVA and Transformer 123kV

Udënisht, Korçë (Albania)

The project has seen the installation of a mobile substation in Udënisht, a well-known touristic area, in Korçë, the sixth most important town in Albania.

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Nr.2 High-Voltage (HV) Substations 110kV

Çemericë e Korçë (Albania)

The project has seen the implementation of 2 high-voltage electrical substations in Çemericë and Korçë.

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Nr. 4 Power Transformers

Tirana (Albania)

The project has been carried out in Albania, in collaboration with the local company OSHEE.

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STC-Box Compact Substation 35/20/10kV

Peshkopi (Dibër) - Albania

Design, construction and supply of a Medium-Voltage (MV) compact substation in Peshkopi, industrial area of the Albanian city Dibër.

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High-Voltage (HV) Electrical Substation 110kV

Tirana (Albania)

The project has included the construction of a high-voltage electrical substation in Albania.

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Medium-Voltage (MV) Normal Clad Switchgears

Donetsk (Ukraine)

The project has involved the implementation of Normal Clad switchgears, addressed to an important industrial, steel and chemical hub in the city of Donetsk.

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N. 100 Medium-Voltage (MV) Normal Clad Columns

Moscow (Russia)

Project, realized for Russia, has been studied and built ad hoc for an electrical substation.

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Protection panels for Electrical Substation

Croydon (United Kingdom)

The project, carried out in the city of Croydon, a metropolitan center located in south of London, has included the supply of two protective panels, the materials and accessories needed for the putting into service.

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Supply of Electrical material for Medium-Voltage (MV) Switchgears

Baia-Mare (Romania)

The project has been addressed to Baia-Mare, a city located in northern Romania and it has included the implementation and supply of medium-voltage (MV) switchgears.