MV Mobile Substation 23kV

Asunción (Paraguay)


Study, design, construction of a mobile substation 23kV composed of two trailers, 17 m each. It will be used for the extension of the electrical substation, and emergency and maintenance needs, in Paraguay.

Equipment mounted on the first trailer:

  • STC-Box shelter, with electric automation system for opening and closing of the cabin doors
  • Medium-voltage (MV) air-insulated (AIS) Normal Clad switchgear (n. 9 cubicles) 24kV 2500A 25kA, equipped with control, protection, and alarming sensors. The electrical switchgear is designed to work both as an independent unit and connected with the main substation system
  • Low-voltage (LV) switchboards Euro SDS
  • Current and voltage transformers
  • Earthing knife switch
  • Protection relays
  • SCADA system for the remote monitoring
  • With accessories needed to guarantee the integrity of the equipment during the transport, against vibrations
The second trailer includes:
  • Insulated cables 23kV
  • Hydraulic power unit
  • Automatic cable reels hydraulic operated
The mobile substation is designed to withstand a subtropical climate, with temperatures up to 42° degrees and 90% of humidity level.

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