Electrical substation

High-voltage (HV) and medium-voltage (MV) electrical substations are a complete turn-key solution, designed tailor-made for our Customer, thanks to our know-how and worldwide experience we can create a perfect solution for each type of request and propose engineering solutions for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. We take the responsibility for whole project, from the analysis of the request to study the best solution up to commissioning and hand-over to the Customer.

Technical features
  • Transformers

  • Busbar distribution system

  • Earthing system

  • Electrical protection (circuit breakers, protection against continuous current etc.)

  • Auxiliary services

  • Insulators

  • Trestles

  • Disconnectors

  • Reduction of insulation cost for switchgear and other electrical equipment

  • Future extension of the scheme is easier whenever needed

  • Easier identification of possible breakdown, due to its outdoor position

  • Oil & gas

  • Railway sector

  • Smart grid

  • Utility on primary distribution grids

  • Photovoltaic plants

  • Wind power stations

  • Hydroelectric power stations

  • Other electric energy generation plants

Related projects to Electrical substation

High-Voltage (HV) ELECTRICAL SUBSTATION 110/34.5kV 2x40MVA

Artemisa (Cuba)

The project has included the study, construction, and installation of a hybrid GIS electrical substation, to supply energy to an industrial area in Atemisa.

HV Electrical Substation 110/34.5kV “Punta Hicacos”

Varadero (Cuba)

The project has included the study, installation and supply of the electrical substation "Punta Hicacos".