CR-SMU String-Box

A String-Box is a field switchboard for the monitoring of string current and immediately diagnose possible anomalies. This device is equipped with general disconnector designed for photovoltaic applications. The cover is made of UV-proof polyester with an IP54 degree of protection which allows to connect up to 32 strings (with a maximum incoming current of 9A for each string). The String-box guarantees total compatibility with any control system.

Technical features
  • CR-SMU-32(16)-1K280 String-Box monitors string current and parallel voltage, and it can also signal the end of life of the SPD, the internal temperature or other feature sizes on demand, such as the panel field temperature

  • Designed and built for indoor and outdoor applications

  • Parallel connection up to 32 strings of 9A each (16 measurement channels)

  • Optical fiber communication, to guarantee maximum reliability, also in the event of atmospheric discharges

  • IEC 60870-101 communication protocol and MODBUS RTU integrated

  • Integrated to SCADA system

  • Protection fuses for each input on the positive and negative pole

  • Cable connection up to 16 mm2 for each input

  • Surge arrester against atmospheric overcurrent

  • Direct power supply from the photovoltaic field or optionally from auxiliary voltage

  • Digital insulated input for local monitoring

  • Isolated analog input for environmental sensors (1xPT100, 0-10V, 4-20mA)

  • Digital output with configurable voltage free contacts

  • Polyester cover for outdoor application with IP54 degree of protection

  • It ensures effective and efficient detection and prevention of failure, thus improving the efficiency, reliability and safety of the system

  • It is very simple to identify and solve any problem on the panels or on the microinverters

  • All the parameters of each single module are monitored

  • Remote and local signal of alarm conditions

  • Photovoltaic plants

Data Sheet String Box

    • Incoming DC Maximum Tension

    • V

    • 1.000

    • Maximum output current

    • A

    • 280

    • Maximum inverse current

    • A

    • 6.000

    • Nominal current string fuse

    • A

    • Up to 25

    • Maximum current per channel

    • A

    • 25

    • Number of strings

    • 8/16/32

    • Number of incoming cables

    • 16/32/64

    • IP Degree of protection

    • IP54*

    • Power supply for SMU

    • V

    • 24

    • Nominal voltage of switch DC

    • V

    • 1000

    • Nominal current of switch DC

    • A

    • 400

    • SPD Type

    • 2

*Up to IP65, upon request

*Up to IP65, upon request

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