Photovoltaics is a solution that involves the design, procurement, assembly and start-up of plants that use solar energy to produce electricity. In addition, the installation of the primary connection substation and its connection to the electricity transmission grid are guaranteed. The design involves the choice of the positioning, the degree of inclination of the modules, the definition of the technologies, the evaluation of the main components and their arrangement, in order to guarantee the best efficiency of the plant. All this is supported by commercial software recognized in the international market, to which is added a proprietary software called Sun Vigilant, designed for the measurement, supervision and control of the main data, of the drives and alarms of the plants. Solar containers, called Solar Station, medium-voltage switchgears (MV) and String Boxes are produced in-house. Prefabricated and completely pre-wired solutions are used for the process of reversing and transforming of electricity, thus reducing the installation work on site.

Technical Features
  • Ground, roof or floating plants

  • Low, medium or high-power plants

  • Fixed or mobile supports for tracking

  • Integration with batteries or hybrid systems

  • Delocalized or centralized inverters with the possibility of installation in special mobile solar containers

  • Installation of sensors, meteo station, anemometers

  • Remote control of the single string

  • Remote monitoring of efficiency and energy measurement parameters

  • Design, structure sizing, treatments, choice of technology for extreme weather conditions (temperature, humidity, wind, altitude)

  • Long lifecycle

  • Minimum need for maintenance

  • Green energy, thanks to all the supply of renewable energy and the reduction of polluting emissions

  • Reduction of energy dispersion deriving from transport

  • Long-term investment

  • Public or private power generation plants

  • Distributed generation

  • Generation plants for self-consumption in the industrial sector

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The project aimed to improve the electrification plan in 7 African villages located in Zanzan region, through the micro-generation based on solar energy.

N. 6 Photovoltaic Plants for a total power of 10MW

Havana, Pinar del Rio, Isla de la Juventud, Cienfuegos, Guantanamo (Cuba)

It is the first major project concerning 6 photovoltaic plants distributed in five different Cuban provinces, which has the function of reducing CO2 emissions and safeguarding the surrounding environment, threatened by the increasing rate of tourism.