Euro PC and Euro MCC

Euro PC and Euro MCC are low-voltage (LV) switchgears designed for the primary distribution of energy. The Euro PC (Power Center) switchgear is supplied for auxiliary services and thanks to its functions it guarantees high performance levels. The Euro MCC (Motor Control Center) switchgear is designed for operations, control and protection of operating motors. This type of switchgear has a wide range of single or double drawers previously wired, which present high service continuity in the event of failure or maintenance.

  • Power plants

  • Industrial installations

  • Refineries

  • Offices

  • Hospitals

Euro SDS

Euro SDS (Secondary Distribution Switchboard) is a low voltage (LV) electric switchboard used for the secondary distribution. It is designed for the management and control of low circuits. It is easy to use thanks to its versatility, avoiding power losses in wiring. It is composed of standard modular columns, and every switch is mounted in its compartment.

  • Civil buildings

  • Electrical substations

  • Industrial plants

  • Shopping centers

  • Hospitals

Euro P&C

Euro P&C (Protection & Control Panel) is a low-voltage (LV) switchboard designed to house a variety of accessories and equipment for operation, control, alert and protection. It is mainly used in the power field, but it can also operate in other applications.

  • Power stations

  • Process plants

  • Petrochemical field