Medium–Voltage (MV) switchgears 36kV for the Expansion of Electrical Substation

Artemisa (Cuba)


In the province of Artemisa, a highly inhabited Cuban region, the supply of medium-voltage switchgears 36kV aimed to expand the electrical substation for the “Zal” logistics activity zone.

The project has involved the construction of n. 2 medium-voltage ATR switchgears for secondary distribution 34,5kV 630A 16kVA, with a frequency of 60Hz, equipped with gas-insulated circuit breaker, line and earth surge arresters encapsulated in resin and gas-insulated, earthing knife switch, protection relay, measurement analyzer, current transformers, in order to increase the energy supply in the electrical substation.
In the Manzana transformation centre of the electrical substation it has been supplied n. 4 gas-insulated medium-voltage ATR-Ring switchgears 34,5kV 630A 16kVA 60Hz, auxiliary service panels for the transformation cabin, rectifier panels, dry transformers insulated in 1000kVA epoxy resin, 36kV low loss fuse, UTR panel and SCADA system.

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