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Mobile Substation

The prefabricated high (HV) and medium voltage (MV) mobile substation can replace the conventional electrical substation. It is a perfect solution to produce one or more transportable line or transformation bays, as all parts are mounted on semi-trailers or skids. The mobile substation is a plug and play solution, which allows to reduce installation times on the construction site. It can be used as a back-up plant in the event of an emergency, serving as a temporal solution or for extraordinary maintenance of an existing electrical substation.

Technical features
  • Equipment and maneuvering components, high voltage interruption and interconnection, air (AIS) or SF6 gas (GIS) insulated

  • Measurement and protection components

  • Power and auxiliary transformers

  • Low and medium voltage switchgears

  • Rated voltage up to 220kV

  • Power transformer up to 70MVA

  • Auxiliary services

  • Telecommunication panels

  • SCADA system and electric protection panels

  • Fire-fighting plant, CCTV, air-conditioning for cabins, lighting system, earthing system and lighting rod

  • Easy to transport

  • Soil occupation and space optimization

  • Reducing civil works

  • Temporary power supply in the event of maintenance or reparation

  • Continuity of exercise during the building phase, new construction or the extension of a fixed substation

  • Spare unit in peak periods

  • Remote control and monitoring

  • Short construction and installation times

  • Supply of electrical energy in isolated areas

  • Oil & gas

  • Railway sector

  • Smart grid

  • Utility on primary distribution grids

  • Photovoltaic plants

  • Wind power stations

  • Hydroelectric power stations

  • Other electric energy generation plants

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