STC-Kiosk eHouse

STC-Kiosk is a transportable compact transformation shelter, suitable for secondary distribution grid with ring configuration and remotely controlled. The short assembly and construction times in the factory allow a quick installation on site.

Technical features
  • The body structure (base, uprights, supports, roof) is made of steel sheets with a thickness of 25-30/10mm, Sendzimir SZ275 type, galvanized and coated with epoxy resin, suitable for outdoor installations in hostile environments

  • The box is equipped with vertical angular supports positioned on its four sides and intermediate brackets made in hot-dip galvanized steel sheet with a thickness of 30/10mm

  • External wall, made of a single layer in galvanized steel sheet, with a thickness of 15/10mm, Sendzimir SZ275 type, coated with epoxy resin

  • The double roof consists of one external layer in galvanized steel sheet 15/10mm, Sendzimir SZ275 type, coated with epoxy resin which ensures a complete resistance to the elements and a long cycle use

  • The roof is insulated with polyurethane insulated panels, with a thickness of 40mm, it ensures thermal insulation, making the structure suitable for elements

  • The base support made of galvanized steel sheets, Sendzimir SZ275 type, is coated with epoxy resin (on request we can supply pre-cut bases for cable entry)

  • Air ducts and doors can be sealed to ensure a high degree of protection and to avoid structural failures

  • Additional internal equipment: medium voltage (MV) switchgears, low voltage (LV) switchgears, power transformer, inverter, SCADA system, electrical installations, fire-fighting system, weather station, cooling system, auxiliary, UPS, batteries, CCTV

  • High-resistant painting for humid and saline environments

  • Indoor earthing systems

  • Customized design of the base and interior spaces, accordingly with the layout of the equipment

  • Installation on slab or on raised supports

  • Lightning protection system

  • Control and services post

  • Lighting system with internal control switchboard and emergency lighting

  • Compact and small size structure

  • Customized internal configurations

  • Resistant to elements and hostile environmental conditions

  • Simplified maintenance operations thanks to the access to internal equipment and safety systems

  • Transportable by sea and land

  • Oil & gas

  • Smart grid

  • Utility on primary and secondary distribution grids

  • Photovoltaic plants

  • Wind power stations

Related projects to STC-Kiosk eHouse


Varadero (Cuba)

The project consists of three E-Houses addressed to the new Varadero boulevard, in Cuba. It is located in one of the main arteries of the famous Cuban tourist center, where shops and restaurants will be able to carry out their business also thanks to the electricity grid implemented by the C.R. Technology Systems team.


Havana (Cuba)

The project has involved the engineering, construction and supply of n. 6 STC-Kiosk, which have been integrated into the Cuban public grid. These small size substations have been refined with high-resistant painting, suitable for Caribbean humid and saline environments, and customized with internal equipment.