Compact substations for Steelwork application

Artemisa (Cuba)






The great project has included a 220/38.5kV electrical substation, designed for a steelwork.

In detail, there have been designed and built:

  • n. 8 STC-Box modular shelters, assembled together
  • n. 4 medium-voltage (MV) panels Normal Clad for furnace 40.5kV 2000A 40kA 60Hz
  • n. 96 metal-enclosed medium-voltage Normal Clad panels 12kV 2500A 25kA
  • low-voltage (LV) switchboards SDS type 220V

  • In addition, gas-insulated circuit-breakers 24kV 3.150A 40kA, earthing switch, power transformers, 245kV current transformers, surge arresters, protection panels and auxiliary equipment were supplied.
    Thanks to its structure, designed to meet high electrical and mechanical requirements, the 40.5kV furnace panel with withdrawable circuit-breaker is used for special applications and is mounted on an anti-vibrating system. Furthermore, thanks to the IP5X degree of protection, it can operate in environments subject to pollution caused by ferrous dust and corrosive gases.

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SCT-Box containing Medium-Voltage (MV) ATR Switchgears 24kV 630A 20kA

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