Damasco (Syria)






Fast-track project of n. 2 ATR electrical switchgears (n. 11 cubicles), aimed to the restart of an important steel plant in Syria.

In line with the circular economy, the project has involved the regeneration and customization of two medium-voltage (MV) air-insulated switchgears ATR 36kV 2500A 25kA. This strategy has allowed both savings in terms of time and costs, and an advantage in environmental terms, avoiding the disposal of the switchgears and their components. It was possible thanks to the combined skills of the commercial, technical, production, and logistics departments that allowed to guarantee to the customer a high-quality product and reliable service, despite the lockdown restrictions.

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Medium-Voltage (MV) Metal Clad duplex switchgears 13,8kV 1250A 25kA

Ciego de Avila (Cuba)

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Wooden poles for public lighting

Havana (Cuba)

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They are 11 and 12 meters high and are treated with creosote: a material used to ensure long-lasting wood conservation.