Collaborazione con Ospedale Papa Giovanni XXIII fi Bergamo presso Bergamo Fiera Nuova, dove è stato alletito l'ospedale da campo Covid-19

A few days ago, we signed the contract for the maintenance of electrical works with the Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo, which confirms our collaboration alongside the Civil Protection and the Alpine troops at the Covid Hospital, in the Bergamo Fair Center.

This project consolidates the bond of C.R. Technology Systems with the territory and reaffirms the desire to carry out works for the benefit of the local community.

The activity consists in keeping the plant structure of the exhibition center efficient, operating directly on the lighting system, on the safety systems (evacuation, alarms and automation), and on the distribution of the driving force in the field.

The contract with the Bergamo Hospital also provides for, once the Covid-19 emergency is over, the renewal of the plant so that an efficient and performing structure will return to Bergamo Fiera Nuova.

At the end of this contract, we will start a new project on the basis of a three-year contract, directly with the Bergamo Fiera Nuova structure for the maintenance efficiency and works on the EVAC system (evacuation system).

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