Gruppo Adecco para los juvenes

On Thursday, May 28th, our General Manager, Riccardo Rovelli, has attended a meeting organized by Adecco Group with the 4th and 5th class students of Archimede Institute (Bergamo).

The event was focused on share perspectives on pre and post Covid19 changes in the workplace, the future professional opportunities for the students, as well as show strategy development adopted by companies to overcome the lockdown period.

C.R. Technology Systems built its strategy on activities, such as digitalization, opening new markets, and the adoption of safety protocols for the staff.

We promoted smart working and the adoption of new digital tools in order to better communicate and operate with our stakeholders.

Operatively, we collaborated to realize the Covid-19 field hospital in Bergamo. We are proud for this project in which we have been involved, important not only for the local community, but for the whole country.

It was important for us to set a direct contact with schools and share with a future professional audience our experience, vision and values, fundamental pillars to successfully face this difficult period.

In the future months it will be more and more important to maintain a practical and proactive attitude and mindset, as well as keep investing in new opportunities for future generations.