protocolo de seguridad Sars-cov-2

Our company, as per Ministry of Health rules, adopted a series of measures to safeguard its workers in order to maintain continuity of production activities.

We have set up the following actions:

• Body temperature control before entering the workplace
• Supply of cleaning kit and personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, disinfectant solutions)
• Differentiated enter, transit, and exit routes
• Separation of internal spaces to keep safety distances
• Limited contact with external suppliers and customers
• Daily cleansing and regular sanitization of work and production spaces, common and leisure areas
• Maintenance of smart working for some staff

Moreover, we grant the sanitization of all products ready to be delivered. It is an additional care to our customers.

We react in this difficult moment with the commitment to safeguard our people and our community and looking forward positively.

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Body temperature control before entering the workplace
Body temperature control
Offices cleansing and sanitization procedures against Covid-19
Office sanitization
Shelter sanitization procedures against Covid-19
Shelter sanitization
We wear PPE and keep safety distances in our workplace
Personal protective equipment and safety distances during our daily activities