Corporate Governance: Italian Model 231 and Code of Ethics

The corporate governance of C.R. Technology Systems reflects our value system embracing our culture, policies, and relationships with stakeholders. Engagement, transparency and corporate responsibility are keys to our corporate governance practices, to ensure the trust of our stakeholders.

Check the specific section in our website at the link , where you can discover:
– Model 231: in line with the Legislative Decree 8 June n. 231 of the Italian Code we adopted the system that governs the liability for administrative offenses of entities for crimes committed by directors, managers, and/or employees in the interest or advantage of the entities themselves.
– Code of Ethics: it is a charter of values, ethical commitments and responsibilities in the performance of business activities, representing the company’s vision in relation to its objectives and the ways in which they want to pursue.

We trust in the value of reciprocity. Our Code is a model of collaboration working to the mutual benefit of our stakeholders, in accordance with the role of each.

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