Scada zenon software copa-data

This week our SCADA team is attending the training course in zenon Supervisor system, which will allow us to integrate this cutting-edge software in our future projects.

Zenon industrial automation software, designed by COPA-DATA company, ensures simple, secure, and independent industrial automation. Its systematic data acquisition and cross-location data management make it possible to identify starting points for improving the efficiency of the plant.
Moreover, as an integrated PLC system, this software can easily communicate with heterogeneous hardware landscapes.

During the course, we learn notions concerning the setup, licensing, template, logic Modbus, software interface, keyboard custom, reporting and diagnostic, and much more, in order to optimize plant processes and make more reliable data-driven decisions.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, e-learning is a necessity, and it also grants us the process of continuous updating and access to fundamental knowledge in our sector.

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