villa zanchi team building CR Technology Systems

We believe that C.R. Technology Systems is not only a workplace but also a place for building relationships and sharing valuable moments together.

Last week, at the magical Villa Caroli Zanchi, we celebrated the many goals achieved in recent years, prospects and the desire for growth. C.R. Technology Systems looks to the future, aiming at structured markets, strategic geographical balancing of projects, and a solid organization.

We aim to offer increasingly innovative solutions, in line with the values of sustainability and quality that have always distinguished our products, and to be an increasingly central player in the energy sector.

We are proud of these results because we believe that “a growing company is a company that gives everyone opportunities for stability and prospects”, as highlighted by General Manager Riccardo Rovelli, during his speech.

Furthermore, it is a way to thank the whole team, engine of this success, for the passion, dedication, and commitment that everyone daily shows, because together we can achieve even more ambitious goals!