orobica calcio femminile - CRTS for gender equality

We are pleased to announce that we have initiated a collaboration in support of the Orobica Female Football Society, to promote this sport without gender barriers.

The Orobica Female Football Society is committed to organizing, promoting, and disseminating female soccer.

It was founded in 2004 in the province of Bergamo and is recognized by CONI. Over the years, it has achieved significant victories in the championships and cups in which it has participated, distinguishing itself at the national level.

Furthermore, Orobica Calcio has distinguished itself within the Bergamo area thanks to multiple social initiatives aimed at promoting a healthy and educational lifestyle. In particular, the club’s commitment in the youth sector has been remarkable, thanks to the results obtained by its Football School, recognized as Élite 3 years ago, and the numerous courses and projects developed to encourage the growth and training of young athletes.

It is divided into teams that train boys and girls of all ages: First kicks, Chicks, Beginners, Teens, Allieve and Juniores (u8, U10, U12, U13, U15, U17 and U19).

We believe that our support and cheering for the team reflect our values of inclusivity for women in traditionally male-dominated areas. We want to break down gender barriers and promote soccer for everyone.

Empower women in football. Support the game, support equality!

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