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e mobility Full electric car

Sustainability is one of the values that guides the daily choices of our company, an intrinsic element of the corporate culture, expressed in actions that are able to bring benefits to the society where we live.

In the last two years, in line with our #Greenattitude, we have developed projects that, in a concrete and tangible way, will allow us to further reduce our footprint. The most recent project was the integration of a full electric car in our vehicle fleet and the implementation of a wall-box connected to our grid, which is mainly powered by renewable sources from our photovoltaic system.

This choice was made after examining several advantages that electric mobility offers, such as:

  • Compared to traditional and hybrid vehicles, it allows cutting CO2 emissions, which results in sustainable mobility.
  • Requires minimal maintenance interventions. In electric cars the transmission system is much simpler than in heat engine cars. This represents an economic advantage, since the costs of repairing and replacing components are reduced.
  • The higher purchase price of an electric vehicle can be considered as an investment, if we calculate the minimum management cost, compared to a traditional vehicle. At the end of the amortization cycle, the TCO (Total Cost Owning) of the former is considerably lower.
  • The use of electric vehicles allows a significant energy saving and an efficiency that is clearly superior to other solutions. In fact, the thermal efficiency of an internal combustion engine is 25%, while that of an electric motor is 90%.
  • Compared to traditional vehicles, an electric vehicle guarantees a smooth and quiet ride.

Currently, car manufacturers offer a wide range of performing models. We have chosen one with a record range in its category, up to 395 km with only one charge.

Furthermore, it is equipped with new generation green tires, that not only improve performance but also increase the range of use in every season.

In Europe, large investments are being carried out in order to implement the infrastructure related to charging. In Italy, public charging points have increased by 33% in the last year, facilitating extra-urban mobility. All this is part of the key goals in the new European Green Deal for reducing emissions by 2030 and to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

Our goal for the future is to continue on this sustainable path, researching and studying efficient solutions with low environmental impact. This is why we have created and support activities such as:

  • Plastic-free project: elimination of single-use plastic in our offices;
  • Energy supply of our headquarters with the photovoltaic system;
  • Management of work environments with home automation system (lighting and air conditioning system);
  • Progressive reduction of paper consumption;
  • Study of more sustainable materials to make our products;
  • Distribution of water bottles and installation of filtered water distributors connected to the local water supply;
  • Social sustainability projects to support local associations;
  • Acquisition of the single ISO certification relating to quality, safety and environment;
  • Carbon Footprint certification, by the end of 2021.