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Retrofit solution for electrical systems

The retrofit solution, as per its etymological meaning retro(active) and (re)fit, consists in modernizing a specific type of technology, extending its lifecycle, and making it adequate for new regulations in force.
This operation has important benefits both for the plant performance and for the environment.

C.R. Technology Systems has specialized in the retrofit of medium-voltage circuit-breakers, both with the replacement of obsolete hardware and with the implementation of the infrastructures where they are inserted.

An example is the replacement of an old and outdated circuit-breaker with a new generation one.

This operation not only involves the change of a single piece but also the precise and timely study of a new system, in order to adapt the circuit-breaker inside the existing electrical switchgear and the possible creation of supports, such as withdrawable truck, in the case of withdrawable/operable circuit-breakers.

The adoption of this solution entails important advantages to the plant, including:

  • Performance optimization, with the replacement of individual components 
  • Reduction of maintenance costs throughout the lifecycle of the plant, because updating a product allows saving on maintenance time and labor
  • Continuity of the spare parts maintenance service, since it is difficult to find suitable replacement parts on the market for an outdated product
  • Improved safety: the replacement of single components avoids a shutdown and reduces the possibility of failures that compromise the functionality of the structure
  • Sustainable solution: the replacement of obsolete components allows the redevelopment of the system, therefore a lower impact on the environment
  • Reduction of waste aimed at reducing the environmental footprint
  • Guarantee of continuity of service during restoration operations
  • A valid alternative to large investments for the replacement or renovation of the entire system