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Macchiareddu renewable photovoltaic plant

With recent regional and state resolutions, and numerous incentives from the European Union, Italy is developing an increase in the design and construction of photovoltaic systems. In particular, this trend is evident in production areas and industrialized poles, where the most energy-intensive companies are present.

Thanks to the consolidated partnership between C.R. Technology Systems and C.R. Project Service important photovoltaic systems were built in the Macchiareddu industrial area, located on the outskirts of Cagliari. Sardinia, in fact, is one of the regions in which solar energy can be best exploited, by virtue of this in recent years numerous projects related to the electrical production of photovoltaic systems have been implemented.

Among the projects we have finalized in the last two years in the Macchiareddu area, we can mention the three compact substations STC-Box, equipped with ATR 24kV and 36kV medium voltage switchgears, low voltage panels, and auxiliary equipment, including a substation complete with SCADA system for monitoring the entire high voltage plant. The e-Houses supply Terna’s national high voltage distribution grid with a low environmental impact.

The lands intended for our Macchiaredu plants are totally dedicated to the production of renewable energy, without affecting land suitable for agriculture. In feasibility studies, great attention is always paid to the environmental impact that electricity production plants can have.