Reunion interna entre colegas

On October 29th, in the Treviglio (Bergamo) Headquarters, in 9 Rossaro Street, the projects developed by the marketing department starting from April 2019 were presented to the internal staff:

  • Rebranding: New Logo
  • Corporate identity
  • New corporate uniforms
  • Sustainable actions: decrease in disposal plastics, separate collection

Corporate identity and innovation are the common denominators that link all these new projects.

Corporate identity: it is essential that the company is recognized and authoritative in all its touchpoints, both online and offline.

Innovation: the innovation concept stretches from the product-solution-project (the mere technical part) to communication and to increasing attention to the environment and the territory.

Being able to supply high-quality products and services is no longer enough. The values C.R. Technology Systems is the bearer of and their impact on the environment are becoming increasingly important.

The participation of all the employees, actual engine of the company, is essential in order to create membership and engage in all the appealing corporate actions which aim to make C.R. Technology Systems as more than a simple product company.