CTRS SCADA system course - students project in Treviglio

The collaboration project with the Archimede Inst. of Treviglio continues successfully, with the aim of introducing the students to the world of work.

We met a group of students for 4 days, during which we organized training courses for the use of the SCADA system. It is a software for automation and control of the plant, which allows the remote monitoring of the performance. Given its importance, the use of this software is increasingly in demand in the electricity sector and the professionals able to use it are still lacking.

Our technical team guided the students in configuring and customizing the HMI interface, simulating the narration of data and the supervision of our electrical system.

We believe that our young people have passionately learned information and that they consider deepening their skills for an easier entry into the world of work.
We hope that the enthusiasm that prompted these young people to participate in the project can be the first step for future integration into our company.