Medium-Voltage Metal-Enclosed ATR Switchgears 36kV 630A 12,5kVA

Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)






The project has been carried out in Addis Abeba and consists of the engineering, implementation and supply of medium-voltage ATR switchgears 36kV 630A 12,5kVA for industrial applications.

Related projects

Supply of ATR-Ring and Euro P&C RMU

Artemisa (Cuba)

The project has included the supply of electrical materials and spare parts for the low-voltage switchgear Euro P&C RMU and medium-voltage metal-enclosed ATR-Ring switchgears, in order to guarantee the control of the electrical substation located the port area of Artemisa.

Compact STC-Box and Medium-Voltage (MV)Switchgears

Tripoli (Libya)

The project has included the design and construction of 3 compact STC-Box substations, aiming to increase electrification in Libya.