Medium-Voltage Metal-Enclosed ATR Switchgears 36kV 630A 12,5kVA

Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)






The project has been carried out in Addis Abeba and consists of the engineering, implementation and supply of medium-voltage ATR switchgears 36kV 630A 12,5kVA for industrial applications.

Related projects

Electrical Substation 4,7MVA 110/6,3kV and Medium-Voltage (MV) Switchgears ATR 12kV 630A 16kA for Hydroelectric Plant

Shpellë (Albania)

The project has implemented the electrical system of a Shpellë hydroelectric plant in Shpellë. Hydroelectric energy is based on the conversion of natural water flow into electricity and is classified as renewable energy because it is generated by exploiting the kinetic force given by the natural water cycle.

Transformation centers with radial and ring configuration

Havana (Cuba)

The project consists of electrical equipment, materials and accessories necessary for the setup of nr. 61 transformation centers with radial and ring configuration, in the lively Cuban capital, Havana.