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smart device for predictive maintenance: swicom, pdcom, predictive electrical sensors Pr.E.Se. for electrical plants

Among the technological solutions integrated by C.R. Technology Systems in its projects, Swicom, PDcom and PR.E.SE. system are cutting edge devices that ensure a complete monitoring of the plant.

Monitoring systems enable the implementation of a predictive maintenance plan for electrical systems and their components, ensuring a longer and more efficient lifecycle. Simultaneously, they enhance performance in terms of efficiency and safety for personnel involved, while also reducing maintenance costs and the need for spare parts. The benefits extend to the environmental level as well, where preventing failures also mitigates the necessity of replacing parts that, although undamaged, would otherwise need replacement due to potential faults.

With a view to integration into the plant’s IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies, these devices play a fundamental role in ensuring an efficient and durable system. Moreover, they are advantageous for long-term investment and for achieving sustainability goals.


Swicom is a monitoring and diagnostic unit that provides the mechanical and electrical health status in medium voltage switchgears and low voltage switchboards. Specifically, it monitors the circuit-breaker operation, temperature at critical points in the primary circuit, and the presence of partial discharges, all managed through a central network-manageable unit. These data are then converted into diagnostic information providing a complete overview of the health status of the electrical switchgear. The operator can monitor the asset’s condition using touch HMI interface and a mobile app for smart devices. C.R. Technology Systems uses MyRemoteCare, featuring a cloud-accessible interface for remote control.

It can also be used with multi-brand medium voltage switchgears.


Another excellent device for the plant management is the PDcom. This solution monitors partial discharge trends in an electrical switchgear panel or in a series of panels, providing data for preventive and predictive diagnostics. It can detect various types of partial discharges and is applicable to both existing and new installations.

The system architecture is simple and with just a PDcom it is possible to monitor up to 10 panels within a switchgear. It can operate either on-premise or connected to the cloud through Ability Asset and Energy Manager solutions. Capable of detecting various types of partial discharges, it is versatile for use in both old and new switchgear configurations.

In addition to the listed tools, C.R. Technology Systems also offers proprietary sensors, PR.E.SE. (PRedictive Electrical SEnsors) that, through a wireless and batteryless monitoring system in UHF band, permit a remote and real-time plant management, indicating the condition of single components of the switchgear. Specifically, these sensors play an essential role in monitoring and managing the temperature in electrical equipment.

They can detect overheating signals, which are crucial for preventing damage caused by overloads, corrosion, loose connections, and adverse environmental conditions. Furthermore, they enable predictive maintenance of electrical insulation, the deterioration of which is closely related to the increase in temperature.

To sum up, the implementation of these monitoring technologies not only optimizes the electrical plant performance, but also positions them at the forefront of the era of the Industry 4.0, granting a high level of operational efficiency, improved safety and reduced Ambiental impact.

Case study

We have recently integratedd these systems into the eHouses destined to Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) 100MW in Lakeside and 50MW-200MWh for Eneco, in Belgium.

The project includes n. 2 eHouses 33kV STC-Box for the project Lakeside UK and nr.1 eHouse 33kV STC-Box for Eneco project in Belgium, each equipped with MV switchgear ATR 36kV 1250A 25kA(1s), HVAC system, firefighting plant, LV panels, UPS system, AC/AC and AC/DC rectifier with annexed set-up battery set for 30min full load autonomy, patch panel, SCADA system.