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C.R. Technology Systems Logistics: the engine of our efficiency

packing, forklift, logistics

In C.R. Technology Systems, we work to developing and implementing technologically advanced solutions in the energy sector. Our projects, designed for the generation and distribution of electrical energy, destined to every corner of the globe thanks to our efficient internal logistics.

Our logistic represents a fundamental strength, making us autonomus, flexible and capable of offering a complete service to our customers. Years of experience and a deep knowledge of the market and regulations allow us to manage each phase with precision and professionalism.

Our logistics office is a well-orchestrated symphony of skills and key roles. The coordination between logistics, warehouse, and production is essential for a smooth organization of activities.

The offices are in charge of planning deliveries, picking the best dates for air, sea and land transport. This synchronization work is essential to meet delivery times and minimize costs.

Operational logistics are managed by our specialized team, which uses equipment for packaging and moving products for shipment. Their work also includes coordinating with shippers, ensuring that each shipment is tracked and handled correctly.

In an international market with increasingly stringent regulations, C.R. Technology Systems is committed to a continuous training project, which allows it to keep up with new needs and regulations. This commitment allows us to adapt quickly to changes and ensure compliance at every stage of shipping.

In particular, we embrace regulations aimed at promoting environmental sustainability, a pillar of our values, and adopt strategies that allow for a sustainable corporate policy, such as saving plastic materials, preferring equivalent materials with a significantly lower impact.

This structure allows us to supervise every phase of the process, ensuring that our products arrive at their destination on time and intact. Our logistics is not just a set of procedures; it is the result of a carefully studied and continuously improved strategy.

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packing, forklift, logistics
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