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Normal Clad CR Power 40.5kV switchgear for steelwork plants

In complex and energy-intensive industrial sectors such as steelworks, a reliable and continuous electricity supply is essential. In fact, even brief interruptions can disrupt production, leading to costly delays and safety risks. For these applications we have designed our CR Power 40 medium voltage switchgear 40.5kV with withdrawable circuit breaker.

The added value of the CR Power 40 switchgear lies in its ability to guarantee safe operations even in fault situations. With its withdrawable switch design, maintenance and possible retrofits of accessible parts minimize downtime, and maximize industrial productivity. In steel processing and production sites, where every minute of operation is crucial, this feature results successful and indispensable.

Technical features that allow maximum operation:

  • Withdrawable circuit-breaker: the switchgear’s design allows quick and safe maintenance or replacement of the switch without interrupting power to the entire system. This minimizes downtime and ensures a quick return to operation.
  • Arc Flash Mitigation/Extinction: our switchgear incorporates advanced arc mitigation technology at both an electrical and mechanical level, significantly reducing the risk and severity of Arc Flash events. The purpose of these features is the protection of people.
  • Construction and materials designed to last: built with high-quality materials and rigorous engineering, our CR Power 40 switchgear is designed to withstand the high demands of industrial plants. Indeed, they can be sized (according to what the specific project requires) to resist extreme temperatures, dust and vibrations, ensuring long-term reliability.
  • Smart monitoring: we offer optional smart monitoring and diagnostic systems for switchgear and all major components. This ensures real-time monitoring of critical parameters (such as temperature/relative humidity), allowing preventive and predictive maintenance, with a better OPEX – CAPEX balance.
  • Modular design: The modular nature of switchgear simplifies installation, maintenance and future expansion, offering flexibility and scalability tailored to the evolving needs of steel mills.

CR Power 40 represents a complete and updated solution for electrical supply needs in steelworks. Thanks to its innovative design, advanced technologies, and safety features, this switchgear ensures a reliable and efficient power supply, also contributing to improving the productivity and profitability of the plants.