nuoeva TAC para hospital covid

The field hospital at the Bergamo Fair, set up during the first phase of the health emergency, continues to be operational, serving as a clinic and a center for identifying and monitoring patients with Covid-19, through the use of sophisticated machinery.

Last week a precious CAT (Computerised axial tomography) was donated by CESVI and Unipol Group, which will allow for control examinations and for the enhancement of the diagnosis of the infection.

We at C.R. Technology Systems returned on field to continue the set-up work, taking care of the upgrading of the power lines and the commissioning of the new machinery.

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Thanks to CESVI and UnipolSai associations, the field hospital at the Bergamo Fair now has a CAT scan that will allow easier identification of the COVID-19 infection.
C.R. Technology Systems Team has worked in the Bergamo field hospital, setting up the electrical lines and commissioning the new CAT scan.
The Alpine Group thanks the associations for their generous donation.
The mayor of Bergamo, Giorgio Gori, inaugurates the new medical machinery donated to the field hospital.