N. 2 Mobile Substations 132kV

Basra (Iraq)


These are the first n. 2 mobile substations designed and realized by C.R. Technology Systems S.p.A. and are used to provide electricity to remote areas of Basra.

The project has included n. 2 mobile substations 132kV 630A 40kA (1s), that consist of 2 trailers each, carrying a modular shelter that includes medium-voltage (MV) Normal Clad switchgears 33kV 1250A 31,5kA (1s), power transformer, n. 2 DC systems (UPS and batteries), disconnectors, SCADA system, 3-phase 145kV lightening arrestor 10kA.

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Electrification of rural areas in the Haitian Islands

Gonaives e Cabo Haitiano (Haiti)

The project has included n. 4 compact substations, with the aim to supply the electricity in the rural areas of Gonaives and Cabo Haitiano.

Mobile Substation 115/37,5/10,5kV 10MVA and Transformer 123kV

Udënisht, Korçë (Albania)

The project has included design, installation and supply of a mobile substation in Udënisht, a well-known touristic area, in Korçë, and the sixth most important town in Albania.