Mobile Substation 115/13.8 kV 10 MVA

Aragua (Venezuela)






The project has involved the study and construction of a mobile substation 115/13.8kV 10MVA, with a frequency of 60Hz, with the aim of guaranteeing the supply of electricity in a rural area of Venezuela.

The project has included 9 protected medium-voltage (MV) ATR panel switchgears 13.8kV 630A 16kA, with a frequency of 60Hz, a low-voltage (LV) SDS switchgear 400 / 230V 60Hz and a 110Vd.c.. Furthermore it has included a PASS M0 system 123kV, current transformers, voltage transformers, 10MA 115/13,8kV power transformer, surge protectors, auxiliary transformers, modular shelter (with lighting and air conditioning system), auxiliary equipment.

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