N.2 High-Voltage (HV) Substations 110/7.3kV 8MVA

Çemericë, Korçë (Albania)






The project has seen the implementation of 2 high-voltage electrical substations in Çemericë and Korçë.

Each plant includes transformers 110/7,5kV 8MVA, gas-insulated circuit breakers,123kV disconnector, provided with an outdoor earthing knife switch, multipole current transformer, inductive voltage transformer, protection and control panel (Euro P&C), surge arrester 123kV.

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Implementation of n. 4 Electrical Substations

Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo, Uva Caleta, Flamenco (Cuba)

The ambitious project has seen the creation of four electrical substations addressed to different areas of the Cuban Republic.

Electrical Substation 4,7MVA 115/6,3kV for Hydroelectric Plant

Shpellë (Albania)

Construction of the electrical system of a hydroelectric plant in Shpellë. Hydroelectric energy is based on the conversion of natural water flow into electricity and is classified as renewable energy because it is generated by exploiting the kinetic force given by the natural water cycle.