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switchgear internal-arc sensors Arcteq product

The main goal of innovative technology is to ease and support human activity, transforming the way he lives, works and communicates. C.R. Technology Systems keeps high levels of updating able to face the increasingly effective and efficient technological solution demand, granting a competitive product.

One of the most relevant current trends of technology is the “clever” one: smart equipment. Even if smart is traditionally linked to something easy, the term derives from the acronym Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology. The content of this acronym well explains the use of devices included in our solutions.

Two of the main smart technologies that we implement in our electrical switchgears are: temperature sensors and arc-protection sensors.

The former ones are monitoring solutions for energy maintenance of switchgears; note that about 70% of failures are due to the continuous increase in temperature in critical points and to partial discharges, therefore this system is essential to reduce planned maintenance operations and save costs.

Moreover, thanks to our wireless and battery-less temperature sensors, we are able to view any alarms in real-time and to ensure higher requirements in terms of safety and protection of the system.

The latter ones are composed of sophisticated protection units against internal arc, based on microprocessors for the detection of arc light. These sensors are designed to minimize damages caused by this phenomenon, acting directly on the automatic circuit-breaker and operating an immediate intervention.  

Through a self-diagnosis function, the electric arc protection sensors provide the highest level of reliability, continuously monitoring all the internal system functions. This is allowed by the great versatility of these devices, equipped with three-phase current detection, residual current detection and twenty indication LEDs, each of which with a precise function.

To sum up, the added value that these devices offer to our plants guarantees the following key benefits:

  • Flexibility
  • Safety
  • Efficiency
  • Service continuity
  • Money-saving
Temperature sensor for electrical switchgear
Product: Senseor
Internal-arc sensor for electrical switchgear
Product: Arcteq