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Sistemas de automatizacion para fotovoltaicos

The maintenance of photovoltaic systems can be considered a large investment, but digital technology can provide a preventive solution, through the use of cutting-edge monitoring and remote-control platforms, which improve the performance of the photovoltaic system and, above all, limit extraordinary maintenance and related costs.

The latest solutions, thanks to technological evolution, are able to be interconnected with all the devices in the system, controlling their operation and collecting big data.

Photovoltaic plants require maintenance and management activities of various levels of complexity. C.R. Technology Systems offers innovative solutions that integrate into a SCADA system, the monitoring and data acquisition of all transformation, distribution, conversion (inverters) components, including the single String-Box.

Apart from these devices, automation systems offer significant advantages in terms of efficiency, speed and process control, in an era in which the market not only requires excellent product and service quality, but also a competent and proactive interlocutor, to face any need.

This allows guaranteeing the customer greater reliability of the operation of the system, and the compatibility of each component, both software and hardware, in order to have detailed supervision of all the system parameters, through the remote control.

This architecture it is based on the latest generation sensors with high reliability and measurement precision, capable of detecting any malfunctions, and estimating the unavailability of the rated power during the time range under consideration. The frequency of this period is generally set between 5 and 15 minutes, so as to guarantee an accurate verification of the data in a short interval of time. Through specific sensors it is possible to detect parameters relating to solar radiation, the temperature of the module surface and the outside temperature, the speed and direction of the wind.


A register that displays real-time operating data, guarantees both timeliness in diagnostics and remote control, and optimal preventive maintenance which reduces intervention time and improves plant operation and efficiency.

The real-time monitoring and specific daily automation plans allow customers to view and analyze the data collected by the system at any time and to detect alarms, disruptions and dynamic previsions of components’ lifecycle. This represents a distinctive and essential feature of the photovoltaic systems designed by C.R. Technology Systems.

Another important advantage to be highlighted is related to safety, since the automation of the systems allows a remote management and limits business trips during emergency periods. An example is the recent health crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has forced the world to rethink about workflow and technological tools required in order to guarantee the continuity of operation of the energy supply plants.

Finally, automation has enormous advantages in terms of environmental impact, because on the one hand the continuous and capillary monitoring of the whole system avoids energy loss and improves the use of the structure, on the other it limits human movements on site and reduces CO2 emissions.

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