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automatización de parques fotovoltaicos

System automation for monitoring and data acquisition are transversely used in many different industrial sectors, granting the possibility of being integrated with both prior techniques and with totally new applications.

Automation is now a necessary and essential solution, which guarantees greater control of data collected by monitoring platforms, allowing rapid and efficient processing for different and more targeted intervention actions.

Automation, implementation, supervision and control systems have become fundamental and distinctive in the energy sector, involving all company departments:


  • Provide more accurate tools for drafting
  • Limit the number of steps
  • Customize products more precisely, according to customer’s needs
  • Reduce planning time
  • Minimize errors 


  • Produce optimizing resources and processes
  • Improve quality and reliability
  • Shorten development cycles
  • Reduce and prevent errors, thereby limiting product rework
  • Increase security through automating risky activities
  • Prevent downtime for maintenance, thus increasing productivity
  • Automate assembly lines


  • Reduce material delivery times
  • Improve the efficiency of electricity production
  • Limit system failures
  • Reduce service interruptions in the event of a fault
  • Reduce losses in the transmission and distribution of electricity
  • Improve processes based on activity
  • Limit electricity theft cases: a serious problem involving some developing countries
  • Develop more accurate and relevant analyzes in less time
  • Provide information on consumption
  • Customize the use according to the needs and preferences of the consumer


  • Optimize preventive maintenance, often overwhelmed by the volume of data from sensors and inaccurate warnings
  • Provide maintenance services
  • Automate auxiliary customer service with virtual agents
  • Reduce travel

It is important to specify that these solutions do not replace human work but implement and support it. It is the task of qualified personnel to integrate the new tools into the corporate processes, managing and verifying the data analysis processed.


C.R. Technology Systems has constantly invested in the study and managing of automized tools, optimizing the graphic interface for better usability, and realizing a proprietary product addressed to the data monitoring and diagnosis: String-Box.

String-Box is a field panel that monitors string currents and diagnoses any anomalies promptly.

A number of devices that contribute to the monitoring and diagnostics function are also integrated into our systems:

  • PLC (programmable logic controller): specialized in the management and control of industrial processes for the acquisition of all values from the other system components
  • Pyranometer: sensor that allows to measure global solar radiation and evaluate the productivity of a photovoltaic system
  • Meteo Station: device used to measure and monitor weather conditions
  • Gateway: device to connect two IT networks, which is used as communication tool between different protocols, in order to transfer information among distinct devices
  • Inverter: electronic device capable of converting an input direct current from the solar panels into an output alternating current, also varying its amplitude and frequency parameters. Moreover, it communicates to the system important parameters for the diagnostics and maintenance
  • Reference systems: measures the percentage of energy loss in the plant, due to impurities that inhibit the function of the panels
  • Protection relays: devices designed for the control, protection and monitoring of industrial plants, grids and distribution substations

In an increasingly interconnected future, with the need of managing and elaborating a large amount of data, automation will be an essential tool for the innovation model, based on a collaborative relationship between humans and machinery.