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Early days

C.R. Technology Systems was born in the heart of the Italian capital in 1985 as a small commercial company of products for the generation and transformation of electricity.

The founders of the Company are Carlo Rovelli and Gianfranco Poleggi. Their friendship begins between the school desks, and soon proves essential to embark on a common entrepreneurial journey.

In 1993, during a trip to Havana, the two young entrepreneurs understood the potential of this beautiful area, in strong tourist development, and decided to open the first operational headquarters in the heart of the city.

Furthermore, in those years, the Cuban market was in full swing and made in Italy was considered an added value and a confirmation of quality. Since the early Cuban years, the C.R. Technology Systems builds some of the largest electrical substations still fully functional in the Caribbean island.

Carlo Rovelli and Gianfranco Poleggi at school time

The growth of CR Technology Systems

In 2000, the company expanded, hiring specialized electrical engineers. In this way, it is able to offer a complete service, following the entire project, from the preliminary study to commissioning.

Between 2005 and 2012, new offices were opened in Melzo (Milan) and in Tunisia, and collaborations were developed with partners in various locations in sub-Saharan Africa.

These were the years in which the company experienced its first major global growth, expanding into foreign markets and developing new skills. Thanks to the support of a newborn Business Development team, the company begins to carry out important works in territories outside Cuba, including Albania, North Africa and the Middle East.

Today C.R. Technology Systems carries out projects on 4 continents, 35 countries around the world, thus becoming a multicultural company, and developing extensive skills in exports and in the study of local needs.

The second stage of growth

It was 2015 when the headquarters in Treviglio (Bergamo) were inaugurated, where the company moved its offices and introduced the production area. The young engineer Riccardo Rovelli takes the reins of C.R. Technology Systems, in the role of General Manager, managing the international activities and production processes of the company.

The solutions offered are no longer focused on the construction of fixed electrical substations, but engineering has specialized in plug and play solutions such as cabinets and mobile substations.

Initially intended for emerging countries, the projects are now mainly aimed at European countries.

From 2019 C.R. Technology Systems is the protagonist of a strong growth in turnover, the staff doubles and the production center is transferred to Zanica (in the province of Bergamo).

The marketing office is born and the company’s online presence facilitates interaction and reaching customers at an international level.

The renewable energy market

In the wake of new needs and in compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030, the Company embarks on a development path in the world of renewable energy, with new solutions and investments in technology research and the study of eco-friendly materials .
Furthermore, a department specialized in the construction of field skids for photovoltaic parks was created.
In this phase, the customer base is increasingly diversified, and includes well-known brands in the sector such as Saipem, Tesla, Engie, Enel.
The soul of the company is getting younger and younger, and its growth pushes it towards the search for new talents who continue to enrich the skillset of C.R. technology systems.

Social commitment

C.R. Technology Systems is deeply linked to the local area and its community, for which it has long been committed to charitable, cultural and educational activities.

– It supports voluntary organizations, such as the Amici di Gabry association, the ABIO association, the Orizzonti Sereni Foundation and supports projects in collaboration with the Municipality of Treviglio.

– It is engaged in cultural activities, such as the renovation of the former San Leonardo theater, now Caffeina, in the city of Viterbo, every year it participates as a sponsor in the Treviglio “Festival della SOStenibilità” project, promotes . Furthermore, the CEO, Poleggi Gianfranco, in his free time is part of a theater group that every year stages a comedy whose imprisonment was intended for charity.

– Collaborates with high schools and schools. Since 2017 he has participated in the Technically project with the aim of offering students of technical institutes in the province of Bergamo the opportunity to get to know and interact with the company reality, he participates in the Bergamo JOB FESTIVAL, an event organized by Confindustria, to give an opportunity guidance and job placement for secondary school students.