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electrical switchgear 40.5kV for utilities, steelwork plants, energy distribution sector.

The high-voltage electrical switchgear 40.5kV is not a standard solution. The setup of its structure and its application needs require a high level of engineering know-how, both for the integration of highly complex technological solutions, and to guarantee the safety of the personnel.

The possible applications of the switchgear 40.5kV include the steel industry, utilities, and energy distribution sectors. The latter consolidates the trend in terms of interconnections to electrical grids from MV to HV 150-220-380kV.

The switchgear is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, compliant with the IEC 62271-200 standard which defines the following:

  • Maximum ambient air temperature value: +40°C
  • Minimum ambient air temperature: –5°C
  • Average daily relative humidity: 95%
  • Installation altitude ≤ 1000 m, installations up to 4000 m possible with a derating factor

Its sturdy structure ensures the achievement of high performances, such as 4000A of nominal capacity and a short-circuit current equal to 31.5kA, technical parameters that allow the total coverage of the electrical ratings required in the main interconnection substations and industrial installations.

C.R. Technology Systems has developed specific solutions for this type of switchgear, adopted to face constant vibrations (for example, mining applications), as well as solutions suitable for direct and outdoor installations (for example, technical solutions studied with a degree of protection up to IP65).

Thanks to its long experience and the constant study of new sophisticated and sustainable solutions, the Engineering Hub of C.R. Technology Systems is able to design and construct air-insulated electrical switchgears 40.5kV that are increasingly performing and eco-efficient.

The circuit-breaker in the switchgear 40.5kV

The circuit-breaker compartment is designed to include the interrupting device or a fixed bar link to replace it.

The medium-voltage (MV) circuit-breaker for this type of switchgear is developed both in withdrawable version (also with insertion/extraction that can be motorized with remote control), and in fixed version.

The switchgear is designed and developed for installations where high daily operations and conditions of use have a heavy impact, such as in steel mills with electric arc furnaces, where over 50,000 operations are potentially reached every year and also in conditions subject to high pollution, due to heavy dust.

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