STC-Box eHouse

STC-Box is an insulated transportable medium-voltage (MV) compact substation. It is a modular structure, that can be set up accordingly to customer’s needs and it is divided into several sections and assembled on site. It is a versatile product that can be supplied either completely assembled or in an "assembly kit" format.

Technical features
  • The body structure (base, uprights, supports, roof) is made of steel sheets with a thickness of 25-30/10mm, Sendzimir SZ275 type, galvanized and coated with epoxy resin, suitable for outdoor installations in hostile environments

  • The box is equipped with vertical angular supports positioned on its four sides and intermediate brackets made in hot-dip galvanized steel sheet with a thickness of 30/10mm

  • External walls consist of one external layer in galvanized steel sheet 15/10mm, Sendzimir SZ275 type, coated with epoxy resin and one internal layer made of polyurethane insulating panels, with a thickness of 40 mm

  • Additional internal equipment: medium voltage (MV) switchgears, low voltage (LV) switchgears, power transformer, inverter, SCADA system, electrical installations, fire-fighting system, weather station, cooling system, auxiliary, UPS, batteries, CCTV

  • High-resistant coating for humid and saltiness

  • Indoor earthing system

  • Customized design of the base and interior spaces, accordingly with the layout of the equipment

  • Installation on slab or on raised supports

  • Lightning protection system

  • Control and services post

  • Lighting system, with internal control switchboard and emergency lighting

  • Compact structure

  • Size upon request

  • Customized internal configurations

  • Resistant to elements and hostile environments

  • Simplified maintenance operations thanks to the access to internal equipment and safety systems

  • Transportable by sea and land

  • Plug and Play solution

  • Oil & gas

  • Railway sector

  • Smart grid

  • Mobile substations

  • Utility on primary and secondary distribution grids

  • Photovoltaic plants

  • Wind power stations

  • Hydroelectric power stations

  • Other electric energy generation plants

Data Sheet Weather conditions

    • Operating temperature

    • -5°C / +40°C (+55°C on request)

    • Relative humidity

    • Up to 95%

    • Climate ranges

    • Desert areas

    • Pollution resistance

    • Degree 4

Data Sheet Construction features

    • Accessibility

    • Front - Side - Back - Top (on request) – Lower (on request)

    • IP characteristics

    • IP54

    • Assembly system

    • Modular bolted / Modular welded / Totally welded

    • Fire resistant

    • Up to REI/EI 180

    • Firefighting system

    • Smoke detector / Smoke detection and manual/automatic extinguishing

    • Anti-intrusion system

    • Perimeter - Volumetric - Infrared

    • Air-conditioning system

    • Split / Industrial fixed / Industrial pull-out / Industrial on roof

    • Covering system

    • Fixed / withdrawable

    • Protection vs rust and corrosion

    • Paint cycle up to C5M

    • Plant distribution

    • On metal or plastic walkways / rigid and flexible PVC tube / via false floor

    • Cable entry (top/bottom)

    • Direct / with solid bottom plate / with perforated bottom plate / with bottom plate and cable gland

Data Sheet Characteristics of Materials used

    • Sandwich panels

    • Polyurethanes / Mineral fiber / Glass wool

    • Construction elements

    • Steel FeP02G - Z275 – EN10142

    • Load-bearing elements

    • Steel FeP02G - Z275 – EN10142

Data Sheet Project standards

    • Low-voltage switchboard

    • IEC 60439

    • Medium-voltage switchgear

    • IEC 62271

    • Electrical substation

    • IEC 62271-202 / CEI 99-4 / IEC 61936

    • Civil plants

    • CEI 64-8 / IEC 61936 / IEC 62271-202

    • Smoke detection system

    • EN54

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