N. 22 Medium-Voltage shelters containing ATR switchgears

Puerto Cabello (Venezuela)






The project has included modular shelters and medium and low-voltage switchgears, for the modernization of generators in Venezuela.

N. 22 modular shelters STC-Box equipped with:

  • N. 159 medium-voltage (MV) metal-enclosed ATR switchgear cubicles 13.8kV 630A 40kA 60Hz;
  • N. 39 low-voltage (LV) Euro-SDS switchboards;
  • Accessories and replacement materials.

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STC-BOX: Distribudora Plant

Havana (Cuba)

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Mobile substation 115/37,5/10,5kV 10MVA and Transformer 123kV

Udënisht, Korçë (Albania)

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