N. 6 Medium-Voltage (MV) Metal-Enclosed ATR Switchgears

Dubai (United Arab Emirates)


United Arab Emirates




The project, carried out in Dubai, capital of the United Arab Emirates, has included the construction and supply n. 6 medium-voltage metal-enclosed ATR switchgears 24kV 630A 16kA, equipped with signal lamps and pressure gauge and auxiliary accessories.

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Medium-Voltage (MV) Normal Clad Switchgears 7,2kV 630A 20kA (3s)

Donetsk (Ukraine)

The project has involved the implementation of Normal Clad switchgears, addressed to an important industrial, steel and chemical hub in the city of Donetsk.

Medium-Voltage (MV) Metal Clad Switchgears 12kV 4000A 40kA

Antillana da Acero (Cuba)

The project consists of an electrical substation requalification work. It is placed inside the iron and steel complex in Antillana de Acero in La Havana